Jesse McCartney on Fear the Walking Dead

Watch Jesse McCartney Guest Star on Fear the Walking Dead

Jesse McCartney joined the cast of Fear the Walking Dead guest starring as Reed, a villainous pirate in the apocalypse who boards the survivors’ boat and takes them hostage! Jesse appears in a couple episodes of season two (episodes 5-6) and you can catch up on the show at!

SheKnows reviewed Jesse’s appearance on the show:
Jesse McCartney has been a much-needed breath of fresh air on Fear the Walking Dead. Who would have thought that Jesse McCartney showing up on Fear the Walking Dead might just be the thing that turns the tides of this show? Before we dive into why, consider this your spoiler alert. This article will contain plot points pertinent to this week’s episode. — Continue Reading at

Essential Home Magazine: Jesse McCartney Talks Career Journey

Jesse McCartney Talks Career Journey in Essential Home Magazine Feature

Read a piece from Jesse McCartney’s feature in Essential Home Magazine below! He talks about his career journey thus far, “In Technicolor,” and how he stays grounded and away from public scrutiny.

For some, it might come as a shock that earlier this year pop musician Jesse McCartney celebrated a decade in show business. Achieving his first break at the of age 12 in the short-lived tween boy band, Dream Street, the star capitalized on his all-American good looks and undeniable charisma. But it only took a short while for the precocious entertainer to leave the group, setting out to carve a credible career solo. Readers from a certain decade of growing-pains should readily recall the memorable 2004 smash “Beautiful Soul,” the consummate pop record in which the pre-pubescent teen crooned his way into the hearts of hormonal teens across America. Four years later, 2008 welcomed even more success for McCartney with the release of his solid hit, “Leavin’,” as well as co-writing the international best selling song of the year, “Bleeding Love” with uber-producer Ryan Tedder for British songstress Leona Lewis. Today McCartney describes his career trajectory so far as “a slow climb, almost like painting a picture instead of throwing the paint at the wall all at once.” — Read more.

Head over to our gallery to check out shots from Jesse’s shoot with photographer Piper Rastello!

Piper Rastello (2014)

SPIN’s 20 Best Pop Albums of 2014: “In Technicolor” #19

Jesse McCartney’s “In Technicolor” #19 on SPIN’s 20 Best Pop Albums of 2014

Calling it the “year’s leanest, most muscular — but still suit-and-tie-required — pop listen,” SPIN ranks Jesse’s album “In Technicolor” #19 on their list of 20 Best Albums of 2014, along with Nick Jonas’ self-titled release, Taylor Swift’s record-breaking album, “1989,” and more! Read what they had to say about “In Technicolor” below.

For those of us who were left wishing that Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience was more like The 8/8 Experience, 2014 offered us Jesse McCartney, coming of age just in time to give us the year’s leanest, most muscular — but still suit-and-tie-required — pop listen. In a year where even Grayson Chance had a decent comeback single, Jesse stood apart as the most grown-up of his former kiddie-star peers, with vastly improved songwriting, an effervescent, horn-infested wedding-party sound (influenced just as much by Earth, Wind and Fire as Justified-era JT), and a thickened falsetto that has him sounding like a much less creepy Robin Thicke. “It feels like I’m 17,” McCartney sings on his ecstatic Technicholor highlight “Young Love” — all involved should be thankful he has matured enough to get so wistful.. — View the full list here.

“In Technicolor” is available now on iTunes and in the Official JesseMac Store!

The Source: Jesse McCartney on New Music and Collabs

Jesse McCartney on New Music, Collabs, and 2014 Plans with The Source

Before hitting the stage on Sunday night (Aug. 11) at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort as a part of their The Pool After Dark series, Jesse McCartney talked to The Source about his new album, “In Technicolor,” who he would like to collaborate with, and what he has in store for the rest of 2014!

Read the entire interview below by clicking “read more.”

Things have certainly changed since McCartney released Beautiful Soul back in 2004. He worked on In Technicolor for two years and has never been prouder, primarily because he released it himself through his own record label Eight0Eight Records.

“There was a lot of political stuff that went on before that, with record companies and all that, but I’m finally free of any major label,” McCartney says. “It’s very exciting and liberating to put out an album on your own without anybody telling you what to say or how to sound.”

There’s little doubt that McCartney’s latest effort feels very different from his debut album a decade ago. But that was a different time and it’s clear McCartney is finally able to come into his own. Pop-beats have been replaced by a retro-vibe, a nod to the music of the ’70s and ’80s that he grew up listening to.

“I wanted to make an album that was reflection of what I grew up listening to as a kid,” he says. “Kool and the Gang, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince — they all made such a big impact on my life growing up and this was always the kind of music I wanted to make. This album is finally the chance where I got to express that.”

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Four Jesse McCartney Interviews You Can’t Miss

Four Jesse McCartney Interviews You Can’t Miss

We’ve rounded up four interviews Jesse McCartney has recently done that you definitely don’t wanna miss! Check ’em out!

1. NOISEY: Jesse spoke NOISEY about what influenced the sound and writing on his brand new album, “In Technicolor,” saying “it was just the music I listened to growing up—Michael, Prince.” He revealed what song he goes to when trying to set the mood (wink, wink), discussed his much talked about falsetto, and more. He also reminisiced about living in New York and hanging out with his friends in the parking lot of Starbucks when he was younger. Read the interview here!

2. Teen Vogue: Before kicking off his In Technicolor tour, Jesse let Teen Vogue know what he loves about performing, sharing “Letting fans hear the new material is amazing. There’s something really magical about singing songs for the first time and getting the reactions from the audience.” He also revealed what he and his crew do when they’re not performing (one word: FOOD). Check it out right here!

3. Morning Mash Up: Jesse visited the Sirius XM Hits 1 studios and talked with the Morning Mash Up about “In Technicolor” and the throwback sound the album boasts. Jesse shared his favorite summer jams (5SOS and Sam Smith), explained why he included the lyrics in the album’s booklet, and asked some rapid-fire questions that revealed what his first job was and who he’d want to play Twister with! Listen here!

4. MTV: Finally, Jesse stopped by the MTV studios and shared his theory on love that explains the meaning of “In Technicolor” and described the album using Emojis! Find out which smiley faces he chose here!

Be sure to grab your copy of “In Technicolor” and tickets to Jesse’s tour at!