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The Insider Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at “Punch Drunk Recreation” – The Visual

The Insider With Yahoo correspondent Keltie Knight went behind the scenes to Jesse McCartney’s Hollywood Hills home, where he was shooting his music video for “Punch Drunk Recreation.” McCartney revealed what it was like having so many people in his home: “They’re placing beams across my walls, and I’m making sure that I don’t have to repaint later and stuff.” The music video is filled with high-energy dance scenes, he said: “I’m trying to keep up with all the amazing I have here on set tonight.” Check it out!

Head over to Jesse’s Official Vevo to watch the full music video! Jesse McCartney Talks “Superbad,” Songwriting & More


Examiner Interview with Jesse McCartney caught up with Jesse McCartney at Z100 Radio Station in NYC to talk about his new single “Superbad,” the inspiration behind the song and the concept for the music video. Jesse said he “wanted to make the lead off single something very simple but retro, and something you could hear completely,” not like what you hear on pop radio today, and that’s what he and record producers, The El3ven, did with “Superbad.” Jesse spoke about his vision for the “Superbad” music video, saying he and director Jacob Ownens wanted to create something with a classic feel, that didn’t mark a moment in time from 2013 and 2014.

Jesse also talked about what his songwriting process is like and the inspiration behind the title for his new album, saying “I was really into that title. Early on, I remember I was thinking, “in technicolor” is very retro-sounding and has a very cool potential for artwork. So once I had that title, I just started writing and figured out what I wanted to say that incorporated that title.”

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