About Staff

*2018 UPDATE!*
OwnerField: Everything
Name: Shanice Guyton
Age: 25
Twitter: @sincerelyjoy_
Favorite Artist/Band(s): Jesse McCartney, Beyoncé, Nick Jonas, Bruno Mars
Favorite YouTuber(s): Shane Dawson
Favorite Movie(s): Too many!
Favorite TV show(s): The Originals, Bob’s Burgers, Malcolm in the Middle, and so many others.

OwnerField: Everything
Name: Indira
Age: 22
Favorite Artist/Band(s): Jesse McCartney, Ashlee Simpson, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Jonas Brothers, Travie McCoy, Bruno Mars, Ashley Tisdale, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato<3, lots more…
Favorite Movie(s): Oh, too much. I like pretty much all genres.
Favorite TV show(s): Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, Summerland

StaffField: Everything
Name: Ashleigh Holbrooks
Age: 21
Twitter: @InMyMatrix
Favorite Artist/Band: Jesse McCartney, Max Schneider, Chris Brown.
Favorite Movie(s): The Avengers and Pineapple Express.
Favorite TV Show(s): American Dad and Bob’s Burgers. I don’t watch a lot of TV.